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Mark Samuel
CEO, B-State and Bestselling Author of "Reimagine Teams"

"I’ve worked with so many "professionals" in the last 10 years and Audiobook Experts has been, hands down, the most responsive, provided the best guidance, and was the most flexible of anyone yet. They are awesome to work with and guided me from beginning to go-to-market.”

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Build A Loyal Tribe...

  • Reach More People – 65% of all books consumed in the last 5 years are audiobooks.

  • Build A Meaningful Connection – Reading your audiobook with your own voice connects the audience to who you are, building a monumental amount of trust.

  • Know, Like, Trust – After a client listens to your audiobook, they will come away feeling like you’re a close friend, building trust, and promoting referrals.

Best-Selling Authors Trust The Audiobook Experts

See For Yourself...

Trudi Charest (Authors own voice)

International Best-Selling Author

"It was seamless, getting the coaching, getting the direction, getting the help along away, and then of course, you guys doing all the editing and uploading for me, it's a done for you service, and let me say, anyone who is thinking about doing an audiobook, they must go through you guys, for sure"

Trudi Charest

Marc Hildebrand (Authors own voice)

International Best-Selling Author

"It was seamless, getting the coaching, getting the direction, getting the help along away, and then of course, you guys doing all the editing and uploading for me, it's a done for you service, and let me say, anyone who is thinking about doing an audiobook, they must go through you guys, for sure"

Marc Hildebrand

Shawn moore (Professionally narrated book)

International Best-Selling Author

"I just worked with Bob and Michael and it was AMAZING, for me, it was a daunting task. I had just gotten the book done and trying to get it into audio format was ridiculously hard for me, they made it super easy, they held my hand the whole way. 

Shawn Moore

Richard kelley (authors own voice)

International Best-Selling Author

"It's really been a great process, if you're considering writing or recording an audiobook, I would fully recommend working with Bob & Michael, you can't go wrong."

Richard Kelley M.D.
Deanne De Vries
Best selling author of "Africa is Open for Business"

"Audiobook Experts helped me to record my book all the way in Denmark! They were easy to work with, professional, and surprisingly affordable. And on top of everything, I was able to get my audiobook completed in record time! I highly recommend them!"

Deanne De Vries
Jim Riviello
Leader Coach and Bestselling Author of "Freedom to Experiment"

"I could not recommend Audiobook Experts more, I put off doing my audiobook for MONTHS, dreading everything about it, but they got it done in just a few days with little to no work on my side and it turned out better than I could have ever imagined!"

Jim Riviello

Generate Passive Income From Your Book

    1. Much, MUCH more to be made from audiobooks – Almost every author is making most of their money from audiobooks, and it’s way easier to get than you think.


    1. Set It And Forget It – Once we help you implement our proven method, you can just sit back and relax while the checks roll in.


  1. List Building Magic – Use your audiobook to build a list of clients who are ready to buy so you can follow up and get even more loyal clients. We’ll show you everything.

and if you’re like most of our clients . . .

The Thought


has probably crossed your mind a million times!

If this is you, then there has never been a better button to press than the one below, we’re the fastest on the market and we’ve got years of experience in producing and marketing audiobooks to make sure you launch from the best foot possible.

Meet the father & son team
helping authors record their own audiobooks.


Bob Harpole

Bob has an extensive background in public speaking, and prior to starting Audiobook Experts, worked at a book publishing agency where he assisted thousands of best-selling authors in writing, editing, and publishing their creation. Bob eventually branched out into audiobooks as it started to become a requested service by previous clients. Now Bob has created an entire agency dedicated to audiobooks after helping tons of authors and realizing the demand for this service will only be increasing. Because of Bob’s early involvement in the audiobook industry, he’s been able to pave the way for future authors and make this process more efficient than ever before. 


Michael Harpole

Michael is a self proclaimed tech God and your right hand man in your audiobook journey. Stay in your zone of genius and allow him to take care of all the complicated stuff that has you throwing your hands up in the air and cursing your keyboard in confusion. Michael worked as a tier 2 software technician before co-founding Audiobook Experts and prior to that worked as a sound engineer in the LA music scene. Needless to say, he’s got the passion and the perfect marriage of skills to not only make this process a breeze for you, but also an enjoyable experience as you embark on this exciting new endeavor into the the world of audiobooks.

Our combined experience and early involvement in the audiobook industry has allowed us to streamline our process, making this opportunity more available to authors than ever before.

Still Have Questions?

Here Are Some Answers

With Bob’s public speaking background and Michael’s editing skills, you’re in good hands. We’ve worked with many self published authors who are unsure about if they have the right voice to do their own narration and you’d be surprised at what just a few tweaks in post production and a little bit of coaching can do for your final product. If you’re curious what this will sound like for you, send us a 3-5 minute sample of you narrating something to [email protected] and we’ll send you back a polished voice clip so you can get a glimpse of what we can create together!

There is no reason why you should have to read your book word for word, in fact, a majority of our authors celebrate the fact that they are able to let the personality that their audience has come to know and love shine through in their audiobook. 

Audiobook Experts proudly boasts the fastest turnaround time in the market, with a revolutionary editing workflow that Michael built from the ground up, not only will your audiobook sound amazing, we will have your audiobook edited and ready for upload within a week of you finishing your recording.

Audiobook Experts has you covered at every step, on our call, we’ll assess your current gear and will order everything you need right to your door in order to make your recording as professional as possible.

OF COURSE WE CAN! With Michael’s experience in audio engineering, Audiobook Experts will work with your audio technician to assure that everything is set up to create not only the best sounding audiobook, but one that is compliant to the myriad of rules that audiobook brokers have.